Warm Up With Marc Martel

...So Your Voice Doesn't Bite The Dust


With a professional singing, songwriting and performing career that spans nearly three decades, Marc Martel knows how to keep his voice going and pull as much out of it as he possibly can ...And, he can do it safely!

Marc has never been in a more vocally demanding season in his career that he's in right now. He travels the world performing some of the most vocally challenging music on the planet: An extensive library of Queen songs.

And he NAILS the vocal essence of Freddie Mercury... Night after night!

He's got an incredible range of vocal expression all his own as well. In addition to Marc's Freddy Mercury work, he has several solo albums and just released some new Christmas material.

Join us for his extensive, yet down-to-earth complete warmup routine. In this free course, Marc shares the exact steps he takes to keep his voice in great shape and to prepare himself mentally and physically for some serious singing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this really free?
Yes... Now and forever!
Is there a new, bigger, better full course coming with Marc?
YES! You'll get an invitation to the full, big course as soon as it is released! It's amazing too... We get to do a deep dive into several aspects of Marc's amazing singing approach and career, and yes, including his unbelievable ability to perform Queen songs!
What if I am unhappy with this warmup course?
You won't be... It's fun, light-hearted and effective. Plus it's free... So just take it, use it and enjoy it!
Is this what Marc really does to warm up before he performs or records?
What if my voice won't do what's demonstrated in the videos?
Stop trying... Start experiencing! Let your voice do what it does as you take cues from Spencer. It's not about imitating or duplicating him. It's about experimenting, observing and learning to feel YOUR voice. Evaluate and prepare for real singing. And remember... We're WARMING UP!
Will Marc be available to answer questions we have after going through his routine?
Not with this course (He's a busy guy, and remember, this is free!) We will have windows of opportunity for students to connect directly with Marc for those who enroll in the full courses!
Is Chris also part of these videos?
Yes! ...As more or less a co-host / in-studio student. It's a super fun vibe and a great way to learn!
Will you notify me as soon as Marc's courses become available so I don't mis them?
YES. If you join this free warm up routine, you'll be among the first to know when launch week comes!

Sieze this unique opportunity. Learn from a true and seasoned professional vocalist. Do your voice a favor!

Get started now!