The Aggressive Vocalist's Master Plan of Attack

Strategically Developed Practice, Exercise & Mindfulness Routines for the Aggressive Vocalist


You hear it in your head: Your voice... The way no-one else hears it (yet) ...Being coaxed out of you by emotions you can't fully explain.

As you're listening to a fellow vocalist with that coveted tone... That scream and GRIT... Those magnificently presented, dirty, blistering notes... Your eyes squint just a little as you feel a small chill run down your spine. You've been captivated by another singer's intensity, vulnerability... And power. You have been called...

There's no doubt you've made a spiritual connection to what you've heard. There's something about a voice that sounds as if it is on the edge of total destruction that draws us in and invites us to experience our own pain and joy in a more real way than anyone can express with words alone. We're all connected, and you're being awakened by another soul to tune into that connection.

We are invited to ENGAGE, and together... ATTACK!

...To wear our innermost, inexpressible fears and longings on our outer, audible armor


We've tasted victory as we lean into our mentor‘s instruction.

We experiment with both the tools we've been given and our voices that we have learned to hold so dear ...We've learned to look inside ourselves... To introspect as we express. Our howls engage our innards as we press into what we FEEL.

It is time.

Time to move from the outskirts where faint echos taunt us and remind us that we have not tapped into our full potential.

Time to come to the realization that you have everything you need to pull REAL and treacherous aggression out of your voice. Scream. Growl. Mix. Do it all safely and sustainably.

You need a plan: The right plan. You don't need to be told what to do. You need to be shown how to FEEL, how to ENGAGE, and how to practice!

I have your plan. I call it "The Aggressive Vocalist's Master Plan of Attack!"

Course Curriculum


Once you are among the forever changed, you will learn:

  • The 9 vocal “components” behind healthy, aggressive vocals. (Each of these “components” is like a lever you can pull to make your voice sound a certain way… Whether you want to scream or sing like your favorite vocalist or develop your own style, understanding these components is key.)

  • The #1 reason most people feel hoarse after trying to sing or scream aggressively… and how to fix it BEFORE it’s a problem. (It has to do with mistaking 2 very similar vocal positions… one is perfectly healthy, and the other can be permanently damaging.)
  • The surprising way you can use your diaphragm to generate POWERFUL distortion in your vocals. (I’ve seen a lot of misinformation online about this particular topic… Just know that if all you’re doing is “flexing your abs”, you might be doing more harm than good.)
  • The parts of your vocal anatomy that contribute to a healthy scream… and exactly how they FEEL when you’re using them correct. (All of your favorite vocalists have an internal knowledge of how to produce distorted vocals healthily… they don’t even have to think about it. This module will give you that same knowledge.)

  • How to jump from an odd “almost silent” sound into a blistering scream. (Starting with extremely quiet sounds like this is the best way to learn aggressive vocals SAFELY.)

  • How to use “hypercompression” to safely & effortlessly transform clean notes into huge, distorted belts. (A lot of people think screaming and singing are two separate techniques… but as I’ll show you in this module, they’re actually connected in a few important ways.)

  • The surprising reason why “consonant mastery” is CRUCIAL to developing powerful distorted vocals. (If you’ve ever had trouble singing or screaming different words, you NEED to go through this module.)

  • The truth behind fry and false cord screams. (One of the reasons I made this course is because there’s an insane amount of misinformation out there about “fry” and “false cord” screams… In this module, I explain the real truth about these techniques… and show you how to use them to produce a unique & powerful sound.)

  • The exact area of your throat where you should NEVER place a distorted sound. (Once you go through this module you’ll see it’s simple… but I can’t tell you how many vocalists hurt themselves because they don’t know this.)

  • An extensive practice routine to turn the "odd yodeling" technique I've demonstrated to “trick” yourself into engaging your false cords. (Designed to give you an “a-ha moment” that usually comes after months or years of trial and error.)

  • A “mental hack” you can use to instantly relieve tension in your throat. (Tension is your worst enemy when it comes to aggressive vocals… thankfully, there’s an easy way to remove ALL tension from your voice by changing the way you think.)

  • A unique “vocal budgeting” framework that’ll keep you from ever going hoarse. (If you’ve ever wondered why your favorite vocalist sounds different in studio vs. on-stage… it’s because he or she is using THIS technique.)

  • How to know if you’re practicing too much… and why doing so can actually REVERSE your progress. (Overtraining is a sure-fire way to injure yourself on the road to aggressive vocals… but once you know this, pacing yourself is easy.)

  • And MUCH more…

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really possible to sing aggressively without messing up my voice?
YES! With the right approach, intense introspection and strategic practice and pacing, you can scream, yelp, growl and more while actually protecting your primary vocal cords from damage!
Do I need to have actual singing experience before taking this course?
I strongly recommend it! Vocalists who try to jump straight into screaming often get frustrated or end up damaging their voices because they haven't put in the work to develop the foundations of their breath support, resonance and other key sensations necessary to succeed! My advice: Learn to be a great, well-rounded singer FIRST! ...Then add screaming and other aggressive techniques on top of that highly-developed base skill set!
Is this a self-paced course?
It sure is! You'll want to make sure and pace yourself while listening to your body as you get into these exercises! More on that in the course :)
Is this a full course or just an additional "pack" for Discover Your Voice?
The Aggressive Vocalist's Master Plan of Attack is a FULL course experience! There are new backing tracks, practice routines and exercises, and LOTS of time is spent on mindfulness and experimentation. The whole course clocks in at a little over 4 hours of total content, which for the energy we'll be expending during each section, is... PERFECT!
Do you teach how to "Fry Scream" and do "False Cord Screams" in this course?
Yes, I do! ...But I prefer to not pigeon-hole any sensations or sounds we participate in with these somewhat misleading terms. I will teach you how to use VOCAL FRY & your FALSE CORDS to make all sorts of wonderfully, blood curdling, paint-peeling, musical masterpieces! :)
What about LOW sounds like Growling? I don't just want to sing shrill 'high' stuff! Do you cover how to be aggressive for lower and middle voices?
Yes, and yes! I go over a method for dialing in the tone and timbre of your aggressive singing that is largely independent of the note/pitch you're singing. I even show you how to consistently make sound that is void of any actual notes!
Do you work with Mixed Voice in this course?
Yes! ...But I don't go into detail regarding the development of your mixed voice. I've got other courses for that :)
Do you go deeper into this style of vocals than you do on YouTube?
WAAAAYYY Deeper :) The tips I give on youtube are the very tip of iceberg when it comes to truly developing and implementing aggressive vocal techniques!
What if I don't like the course?
Then I'll give you your money back! Just let me know within the first 30 days after enrollment :)
Can I ask you questions and interact with you as I go through the course?
YES! There are special discussion modules built into the course curriculum. I check and respond to new posts EVERY DAY.
“This literally taught me how to fry scream… False chord came more natural to me know I am learning how to do both… thanks Chris Liepe for your help, your the like one of the best vocal coaches I have ran into period.”


“Seriously Chris, it's like every single lesson is an important piece of that same puzzle. Thank you so much.”


“Beautiful explanations Chris. Thank you. There's so much to take in but it's all starting to fit together. Your instruction is invaluable and I hope you realize what an awesome teacher you are.”



Heed the call. Embrace the opportunity! Serve your one and only voice and join in

The Aggressive Vocalist's Master Plan of Attack!

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