Spencer Sotelo's Warmups For Total Destruction

Prepare Your Voice For Unleashing Wrath Without Destroying Your Voice


Being on the road for 10+ years with Periphery... Singing & screaming on too many projects to name here...

Spencer Sotelo is doing more than a few things RIGHT. He's able to unleash total and utter destruction with his music, and his voice just keeps getting better and better.

No injuries. Not one.

A growing and expanding range.

Increasingly terrifying screams.

A full soundscape of voices.

What's his secret?

Well, you'll get a full and extensive look at what makes Spencer thrive soon enough! (And you'll get to claim and internalize his methods in your own voice as well!)

But it all starts with warming up: Carefully, with consideration, and FREELY!

Join Spencer (and Chris) for this Rockstar-crafted, road-tested and vocal coach approved warmup routine. Start prepping your voice and mind for unleashing sound and experiencing sensations you never knew you had in you!

Your Instructor

Spencer Sotelo
Spencer Sotelo

Periphery's Spencer Sotelo has forged a path that most extreme vocalists only dream of journeying on. Pulling influences from every corner of the musical world, he's learned how to coax and push his voice in amazing ways!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this really free?
Yes! Now and forever!
Is this the course you guys were talking about on YouTube?
No, this is Spencer's full warmup routine... But if you're interested in taking the BIG, FULL course, you better get on these warm ups so your good and ready!
What if I am unhappy with this warmup routine?
You won't be. It's free. Really?
When will Spencer's full courses be available?
We are on track for a Middle April 2021 release for the Singing & Screaming course as well as the Vocal Production course... It's going to be epic!
Is this what Spencer REALLY does to warm up his voice before shows and sessions?
What if my voice won't do what's demonstrated in the videos?
Stop trying... Start experiencing! Let your voice do what it does as you take cues from Spencer. It's not about imitating or duplicating him. It's about experimenting, observing and learning to feel YOUR voice. Evaluate and prepare for real singing. And remember... We're WARMING UP!
Will Spencer be available to answer questions we have after going through his routine?
Not with this course (He's a busy guy, and remember, this is free!) We will have windows of opportunity for students to connect directly with Spencer for those who enroll in the full courses!
Is Chris also part of these videos?
Yes! ...As more or less a co-host / in-studio student. It's a super fun vibe and a great way to learn!
Will you notify me as soon as Spencer's courses become available so I don't mis them?
YES. If you join this free warm up routine, you'll be among the first to know when launch week comes!

Sieze this unique opportunity. Learn from a true DOER. Do your voice a favor!

Get started now!