Recording: Get Started Right! (with a song)

Learn what's most important. Make great sounding music.

What do you need to know to get started in making great recordings? It's not as much as you might think. It probably doesn't cost as much as you might think either. Most musicians these days have dabbled in simple recording, even if it's using a smartphone to quickly capture an inspired musical idea. But if you want do do more than just dip your feet in the water, often times, the world of endless possibilities and options quickly starts to overwhelm.

The truth is, that software and gear are just tools. All of them will do the job, so let's not get hung up on stuff. This course begins with helping you choose and set up your tools as quickly as possible. Then, we jump right into capturing original musical ideas. We don't need to know what every plugin does or what all the knob settings should be. We'll stumble through and discover lots of that along the way!

We need to start out by learning time-tested workflows for getting our favorite instruments and ideas recorded well. This does include some technical aspects like room treatments, microphone positions and appropriate cable connections, but more importantly, we must focus letting creative inspiration drive our inquisition. In other words, start creating, and learn the details as you go and as they become central in a particular aspect of your creation.

You will learn:

-How to capture and arrange great sounding acoustic guitar tracks

-How to dial in the perfect groove and tone for your bass part

-How to use electric guitar sounds and effects to make your best playing count

-How to record fantastic sounding vocals (no expensive gear required)

-That mixing is a VERY simple process when your parts are thought through and sound good.

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Chris Liepe has collaborated with some of popular music’s greatest talent to bring the online world high quality music education. His passion for teaching and his creative approach in video instruction make learning just about anything in music fun and memorable.

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