Quickly Train Your Ears

With Chris Liepe & David Wallimann

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A better ear makes a better voice... EVERY TIME! Most singers have no clue where to start when it comes to ear training though. So, with the help of my good friend (and FREE YOUR VOICE guest) David Wallimann, I've created a new, free ear training course for you to enjoy!

The best and most efficient way to train your ear is to do it by accident! (Keep reading)

YEP! Don't try to do it. Simply learn how to listen and internalize what you hear in a certain way, and your musical ear with grow every single time you interact with music -- Whether you're singing or playing by yourself, jamming with other musicians, or even just sitting back and listening to songs you enjoy!

Join David and I for a simple, fun group of free lessons that will help you figure out songs by ear, sing melodies and harmonies more confidently and be more creative with the musical ideas you already have!

No is prior training is necessary... Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
It starts now and it's yours for FREE forever! :)
Is there a more in-depth course available on Ear Training? I really like this approach!
YEP! Keep an eye on your email. You'll get an invite to a comprehensive, interactive, jointly taught by David and I Ultimate Ear Training experience! Don't worry, you can just enjoy this free course forever still even if you're not ready to join the 'big one'.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
You won't be. You'll love it. Plus, it's FREE, remember??
I've seen David other places before... He looks so familiar!
David is my guest and student on my free voice course "Free Your Voice", has an incredible YouTube channel and, is one of the greatest online guitar teachers out there and is a long-time friend of mine. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and learning from David Wallimann!

We're excited for you to experience a new level of musical freedom as you begin to train your ear in new ways!!

Get started now!