The Mixed Voice Method & Madness Practice Pack

Develop, Get to Know & Strengthen YOUR Mixed Voice

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There's mixed voice as a concept and feeling... And then there's perfecting and maximizing YOUR mixed voice!

...It's a whole other level of feel-based introspection


Using specifically curated "mini songs" and short melodies, we work through the most daunting challenges singers face when bringing mixed voice from something learned, to something applied! By the end of this course, your mixed voice will truly be a usable and exciting part of your whole voice


> Learn how to use your comfortable range to determine how your voice can respond in different parts of your mix!

> Discover the importance of KEY & CONTEXT in approaching specific notes in mixed voice.

> Lean into your strengths as a vocalist while learning how to work with and mask weaknesses. (Correctly)

> Work more with vowel placement and challenging notes.

> Learn how to use 'feel-based compromise' to deliver truly powerful & dynamic melodies across your entire mixed range!

> A whole lot more!

Your Instructor


Chris Liepe has collaborated with some of popular music’s greatest talent to bring the online world high quality music education. His passion for teaching and his creative approach in video instruction make learning just about anything in music fun and memorable.

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