Jonny Craig's How To Find Your Voice & Let It Kill You

How to steal, play and grow so that your voice is amazing and uniquely yours!


Few vocalists have had the opportunity to collaborate with and front three successful bands. Not many singers can span genres with their vocal chops and melody sense like Jonny can.

There have been many opportunities and obstacles... And in the midst of (and largely because of) battles with addiction and direction, Jonny continues to grow and discover new ways his voice can work for him.

Does he do calculated exercises? No. Does he have special concoctions that keep his voice in shape? No. Has he ever studied with someone or 'trained' in his voice? No.

He has learned through listening, borrowing, acting on inspiration and leaning into musical energy in unique ways.

He has cracked the code on how to connect emotional intensity, struggle and soul-digging mind/body connection.

His result has been a textured, agile and simultaneously angelic and chaotic voice that continues to be refined and featured in all sorts of great music.

As you join us for this free course... What will YOUR result be? Sign up to find out...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this really free?
Yes! Now and forever!
Is this the course you guys were talking about on YouTube?
This is a free course that will introduce you to Jonny's approach and mindset. If you're interested in taking Jonny's FULL course, immerse yourself in this first! That way, you'll be ready to learn and experiment along with us for the big one!
What if I am unhappy with the course?
You won't be. It's awesome. And it's free. Stop.
When will Jonny's full course be available?
It's coming up! Expect the opportunity to enroll in Jonny's Singing, Melody & Song Creating course in early October 2021.
Is Chris also in these videos?
Yes. Jonny is not a teacher. He is an artist, songwriter, lyricist and vocalist. Having a vocal coach and and a guy like Jonny in the same room makes for some amazing discord and learning!
Will Jonny be available to answer questions on how to find your voice?
Not with this course. It's free, remember... And Jonny's a busy guy! But there WILL be opportunities to interact with Jonny directly in his full Singing, Songwriting & Melody Creation course!
Will you notify me as soon as Jonny's course becomes available?
Yes! In fact, as soon as it launches, you'll get an invitation and a special discounted enrollment price since you signed up for this free course!

Finding your voice is about learning how to listen, borrow and tie your physical body in with your emotional and irrational being. It can't be found by doing exercises or following a plan. Your voice has to be coaxed out of you. Join Jonny and Chris and seek out what you are looking to find :)

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