The Working Singer’s Energy & Agility Practice Plan!

Licks, Riffs & Runs specifically designed to stretch and strengthen the voice & Enhance Creative Singing!


“The Working Singer’s Energy & Agility Practice Plan”

-Specifically designed for Discover Your Voice students

Discover Your Voice is all about finding & building your unique voice and musical understanding from the ground up…

But I wanted to add a little “oomph” to the program…

And give my students even MORE content to practice with.

So just recently, I put together “The Working Singer’s Energy & Agility Practice Plan”.


It’s a special 8 session, 2-hour training that focuses on…

  • How to build stamina for gigs & recording sessions
  • How to achieve “rockstar-level” vocal flexibility and agility
  • How to maximize power & confidence across your entire singing range
  • How to “absorb” ideas from other singers and work them into your own singing
  • How to “milk” notes the exact same way that professional singers do
  • And a lot more…

Like Discover Your Voice, it’s a completely guided audio & video experience, where I walk you through these advanced singing techniques.

More specifically, I focus on a select group of licks, riffs & runs that world famous singers have done…

And break them down in a way that anyone can understand and apply to their own singing.

So if you want to “absorb” the techniques of singing legends like:

  • Chris Cornell
  • Aretha Franklin
  • Freddie Mercury
  • And a whole lot more…

Get started now!